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A Case Manager's Perspective of a Successful Resident

When I first met this precious lady, she was a very timid, insecure woman. She had been through a lot, been put down and even endured some abuse. She had lost her job and home and now found herself with no place to go. That doesn't mean that she didn't have determination.

During her first week here, she had already found a job. As she continued to work hard and was willing to work any hours she was given, the company she was working for eventually increased the amount of hours she was getting. Now she was able to save more and started seeing herself taking steps forward, towards independence. She often came to me asking for prayer and encouragement during her stay here.

Though shelter life isn't always easy, this lady stayed determined to complete the program and focus on what she needed to do, without getting distracted. At the end of her time with us, she had saved up more than what was expected of her. It was a pleasure to watch this woman grow in confidence and achieving her goal of getting back on her own two feet. I am so glad that we could be here for this woman, providing for her basic needs, so that she in turn could help herself.

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