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The                    Program

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MATS was awarded funding from THDA in the amount of $150,000 for the 2022 ESG Program to fund the Shelter Program, Rapid Rehousing, and HMIS (Homeless Management Information System Database)

Self Sufficiency Shelter Program

Approval Policy:

We use a housing-first model where possible; however, we serve children, and their safety is paramount. Anyone can be admitted to MATS if:


Requirements to gain admission to MATS:

  • They are homeless.

  • They must pass an initial drug screen for everything except for marijuana/THC, BZO, BAR, and TCA.

  • They must pass a breathalyzer for alcohol. If they fail the breathalyzer, they can come back in 24 hours. They must be sober to complete the intake process.

  • They can take care of themselves physically

  • ​They are not a registered sex offender, have convictions for, or have a history of sex crimes.MATS will approve admission for un-medicated: anxiety, depression, ADD, ADHD, Tourette's Disorder, Asperger's Syndrome, and borderline personality disorder if they do not pose harm or threat to themselves, staff,  or other residents.  

    • Beginning July 2022, we have started accepting un-medicated bipolar disorder into the program. After admittance, part of their plan will be to go to Helen Ross McNabb and get on medication.

 All other mental illness disorders must be under a  doctor's care and stabilized on medication for not less than 30 days for admission.

  • They must desire to be at the Shelter and want help.

To enter the program you are not required to have an ID, a Birth Certificate, or a Social Security Card.  MATS will help you get those items. 

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