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Areas of Ministry

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Self-Sufficiency Program

This is the full program outlined below. This is the most common program for incoming clients.


All self-sufficiency residents are responsible for their own success, sustainable income, and permanent housing acquisition.

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Winter Warming Station

Individuals who do not qualify or are not ready to work the self-sufficiency program can use the warming station on nights that the temperatures fall below 32*.


They receive a blanket, mat, and hot meal and are allowed to sleep in a separate area of the shelter until morning.

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Motorists Program

This type of resident is given 1-5 nights to stay while locating and acquiring resources needed to move to their chosen destination.

This could include obtaining a bus ticket or other transportation or working with other agencies.

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Rapid Rehousing


Participation in the Rapid Rehousing Program could speed up placement into permanent housing by an average of 30 days.

The primary goal is to stabilize a program participant as quickly as possible and provide wrap-around services after the family or individual

obtains housing.


Steps to Success