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Areas of Ministry

• Self-Sufficiency Program—This is the program longer term residents are required to work in order to stay at MATS for an extended amount of time. All residents are responsible for their own success, sustainable income, and permanent housing acquisition.

• Transient/Stranded Motorists Program—This type of resident is given 1-5 nights to stay while locating and acquiring resources needed to move to their chosen destination.

• Warming Station—Individuals who do not qualify through the screening process or are not ready to work the self-sufficiency program can make use of the warming station when temperatures fall below 32 degrees. They receive a blanket, pillow, and hot meal and are allowed to sleep in a separate area of the shelter until morning.

Steps to Success

1. Potential residents go through a 15 to 30-minute pre-screen with a case manager on the phone or in person to determine initial eligibility.

2. A second, in-person, screening and coordinated intake takes place, concluding in either acceptance to the program or referral to another program where needs can be met.

3. New residents go through a 45-minute full intake with a case manager where they are given an individual plan.

4. Individuals wash their clothes and dry them twice, receive bedding and hygiene items, take a shower, and receive a bed, locker, and chore assignment.

5. Residents meet with a case manager to create an initial budget and take care of issues like mental or physical evaluations, obtaining personal identification, etc. Case managers assist in addressing the factors that led to homelessness in each situation.

6. Residents begin working their individual plan, including a requirement to find sustainable income within 30 days, check in with case managers twice a day, and keep up with daily chores. They will create two more budgets during the program, one after first paycheck and one before moving into permanent housing.

7. Residents move out successfully according to their plan.

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