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“Our program has evolved so much over the years. As times change, you must adjust your sails and go in the direction of the wind to keep up with need and demand."

Tonya Polidoro, Executive Director

The compass helps us keep our bearings. If it is dark or foggy, if there is a snow storm or some environmental factor that changes our visibility, we can still orient with another constant, like the needle of a compass. 


MATS has a rich history of serving Hamblen County, as well as eight surrounding counties, and we strive to make sure it will continue to do so for many years to come. Our purpose continues to be to serve men, women, and whole families experiencing homelessness. We do this by providing shelter, food, clothing, and intensive case management with job readiness, budget coaching, and soft skills. This helps to improve their chances of success by enabling people to navigate their environment, work well with others, perform tasks well, and ultimately achieve their goal of sustainable income leading to permanent housing. 

At MATS, we endeavor to help place new constants in people's lives that are not hindered by environmental conditions. MATS helps individuals re-plot a course for success and stick to it.


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