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A Reason for Change - Testimony Tuesday

*Name has been changed to protect the privacy of our residents.

Chris* came to MATS after a long period of instability. After being released from jail, he bounced from house to house staying with various friends. This life wasn't enough for him, and he had a great reason to change his situation--his kids. Chris was determined to get his life together so he could see his kids and spend more time with them.

Within six days of entering the program, Chris had already found a job and begun working. He was a quiet guy and worked the program diligently, giving his all at his job and saving money. He attended AA/NA meeting three times a week and stayed on track to becoming the man he wanted to be for his kids.

Two months after coming to MATS, he found and moved into a beautiful apartment and was able to utilize the Rapid Rehousing Program to help with rental deposits and utilities deposits. His landlord has said he is an excellent tenant, and the last time we spoke with him, he is still doing well and had even received a raise at his job! We are so proud of him for sticking to his plan.

Determination comes in different forms for each individual. MATS residents who find a reason to push through and work hard are usually the most successful. We want to do our best to help each person find that determination factor so they can find direction in their lives.

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