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A Stop on the Way - Testimony Tuesday

*Name has been changed to protect the privacy of our residents.

Stories of hope come in their own unique packages. Sometimes, MATS comes in at the beginning of a person's journey to success, and sometimes it falls somewhere in the middle. For Charles*, it was a stepping stone in the midst of a greater story of overcoming.

Charles came to MATS several years ago after successfully completing a rehabilitation program in Middle Tennessee. After sustaining some injuries, he had been put on opioid pain killing medications and soon found himself struggling with addiction. He finished the rehabilitation program, but with his injuries, needed disability benefits in order to live on his own. He needed a place like MATS.

He had already been off drugs for over a year at the time, but Charles knew he could still benefit from the structure and accountability MATS offers for a while longer. He was glad for the opportunity to continue growing.

Before starting the program, Charles had already determined in his heart that he was going to serve the Lord and with His help, overcome addiction. He quickly got connected with a church and made some good friends to support him in his journey. He applied for disability and worked the program, following all the steps of his plan.

Charles was always willing to help with anything needed around the shelter and worked to find ways to encourage other residents as well. Some residents looked to him as a role model, aspiring to follow in his footsteps. He was a model resident.

Eventually his disability benefits came through, and Charles was able to move into a place of his own. Several years later, he still keeps in touch and is doing well and continuing to serve the Lord. We are so happy that he was able to utilize the services MATS offers on his journey to living a life of freedom.

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