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From Desperation to Celebration - Testimony Tuesday

*Name has been changed to protect the privacy of our residents.

Calvin's* story is a type of story we hear so often. He was working and doing well in life; but when he lost his job, things began to go downhill. Like most people, he didn't have the savings to be able to sustain himself long without income. He soon lost his home and attempted to live with a family member, but that did not work out. Depression set in, and Calvin began to feel completely hopeless.

In the midst of his desperation, he remembered that someone had told him about MATS. So he called, did the initial screening, and was eligible to enter the program. Calvin started looking for work as the program requires, and it wasn't long before he found a job and started working. He worked hard, saved diligently, and did his assigned chores all according to his plan. He even started drawing again--a skill he had not practiced in a long time.

As he continued in the program, he continued to find his joy again. Calvin was smiling and singing as he came into the office to talk with case managers. They worked with him daily on budgeting and encouraged him to stay on track. Eventually, he was able to find an apartment and move into his own place once more. He has kept in touch and is still a productive member of the community in Morristown.

The truth is, it is rare to see someone enter the program who is not dealing with depression. MATS is typically the "rock bottom" or "last resort" type of place where people come when they've tried everything, burned every bridge, or given up on finding hope. It is amazing to see the transformation when someone comes in desperate; but after some time in a stable environment with a healthy routine, their true self is able to shine through.

We are so proud of each person who makes the brave decision to change their life at MATS. The work is hard, but it is worth it.

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